What we value

“Purpose fuels passions”

We believe that anything we do in life should be done with a purpose. How are we working towards something greater? What kind of mark will we leave behind? What will we be remembered for.

I ask myself these questions almost daily. What is the purpose of doing something you are not passionate about? This is how Roo&Bear came to be. I realized that there was something missing, I didn’t feel completely passionate about what I was creating, until I realized that I had to do something with purpose in order to fuel my passion.

With that being said Sean and I started doing a lot of research on sustainable fabrics. We didn’t only look at the fabrics but we also considered the trims that we would use. We strive to go as green as we possibly could at each and every step of the process.

Here is a little break down of what makes Roo&bear garments 99% eco-friendly.

  • The fabric that we source is made from 100% natural fibres.
  • The buttons are made from offcuts of wood.
  • The swing tags are made from recycled growing paper ( the paper has seeds in it, you can plant it and watch it grow! )
  • The tags are secured onto the garment with hemp twine.
  • Our branded label and size tags are printed onto Hemp and organic cotton with eco-friendly ink.
  • Every purchase is packed in a brown paper bag.

What makes up the 1% that is not eco-friendly?

  • This would be the cotton/polyester thread that is used to stitch up the garment. Unfortunately, there is a very small percentage of polyester in the thread we use, however, there is a good reason for this. when 100% cotton thread is used in garments it often ends up snapping as it is not strong enough which is why the polyester is added.
  • Some garments such as our shirts have fusible interlining in them, this helps to stiffen the shirt collar & button stand which ensures the garments strength.

Quality over Quantity

If there is one thing I have learnt over the years of my design career is to choose quality over quantity.

If I am being totally honest I didn’t always believe this, I always thought that I was saving myself a buck by buying from fast fashion commercial retailers, where I would get more for my money. This wasn’t necessarily true.

I realized that I didn’t need as many items as I thought I did and that fashion changes way too quickly and it really isn’t a sustainable way of living. If I wanted to start being more conscious then I also needed to look at the way I viewed clothing.

At the end of the day you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear and clothing in a sense is a representation of yourself.

You may think that purchasing higher quality clothing means it’s going to be pricier. I can assure you this is not true.

I used to purchase around 3 clothing items per month from fashion retailers which cost let’s say R 400 altogether. I now purchase roughly 1 item every second month if anything! Its better quality and it cost me the same as those 3 items put together. My 1 item will give me years of wear and because it is a classic style it will never date.

Moral of the story, do not be afraid of the word “quality”, it does not necessarily mean expensive.



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