produce bags


We are so glad you have clicked onto this page to check out our produce bags! Yay 1 step away from those nasty plastic bags!

Our produce bags are made from all the ‘ off cuts’ from our garments. (linen, Organic Cotton & Hemp blend and 100% cotton)

The bags can be used for your fruit or veggies when you are doing your grocery shopping or even used for other food items such as pasta shells when you shop at a Zero waste stores.
Besides using the bags for food items, they can be used for just about anything.

Our bags are priced in order to cover our costs and by no means are we trying to make a large profit from these but more to encourage people to shop with a more sustainable option than plastic.

The bags come in 5 colour options with a hemp draw core.

Mustard,Mint,grey,mauve and charcoal.


We hope you love them as much as we do!! 🙂


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