Welcome to Roo & Bear...

Thank you so much for taking an interest in our brand, we hope you find what you are looking for, please do shout if there is anything we can help you with.

What are we all about?

Roo&Bear is a Conscious Apparel brand. This means that we are an eco-friendly brand which always has the environment in mind when making any decisions on our products. 99% of the materials we use in our garments are made from environmentally friendly sourced components. Read more.

We LOVE animals.. well love it a little bit of an understatement.

One thing that was on our minds was, how do we do what we love & give back at the same time? Well, this was simple, we decided 5% of the proceeds of every garment that we sold would go to an animal shelter. Every month we donate to a different shelter. This fills our souls and keeps us inspired! If there is a specific shelter that you support and feel they are in desperate need of a helping hand, pop us a mail and we can see how we can help.

So I keep talking about 'we', I suppose you are wondering who 'we' are?

We are Roo & Bear

I am Roo (Candice) on the right, and Bear is (Sean) on the left.

Sean has always given me the most random little nicknames one of them being Roo. The nickname I have always given Sean is Bear. So combining these together gave us the name “Roo&Bear”. I also like to think that this name has an animal significance behind it, of course, why wouldn't it?

I studied fashion and acquired my degree in fashion and textiles and Sean studied law and is currently practising (The perfect match, a smarty pants & a creative). I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and believed that one day I would own my own business. After having owned a ladies brand that I ran during and after university, it wasn't till about a year ago I realized I was on the wrong track. After listening to a presentation on the plastic situation and how it is affecting our planet and how the choices we make in what we wear has such a huge impact on the environment. I made the decision right then and there that I would no longer produce another garment that didn't have the environment in mind. Since then Sean and I have been trying our absolute best to make conscious decisions such as recycling, making sure the products we use are environmentally friendly and reducing the amount of products we purchase that are wrapped in plastic.

Roo & Bear was born in January 2018, so we are officially 1 year old! Although we are a very new brand, we have so many exciting things planned and are currently working on. One of the biggest goals for 2019 was to launch our online store, which we have achieved!

We hope that you can join us on this journey of taking things back to basics and putting our planet first when making decisions on the items we consume.

From us, at Roo&Bear we wish you an amazing 2019 and hope to see you soon!

Candice, Sean, Oliver and Angie.

Local is Lekker

Locally Made

Something we pride ourselves in is that our products are made locally. Not only are they made locally but 99% of our fabrics and trims are souced from local suppliers.

We make sure we maintain excellent relationsips with our suppliers, as at the end of the day we would not have our end product without them.

What makes our products so local?

  • Our fabrics are sourced from Cape Town & Durban. Unfortunately, with our hemp blend fabrics, they are imported as hemp is not yet regulated in South Africa.
  • The wooden buttons we use on our garments are custom made by the finest quality wood, these are made from offcuts of wood ensuring minimal waste.
  • Our swing tags and thank you cards are designed by a local graphic designer and printed and sourced from a company in Cape Town.
  • Our garments are produced at a CMT in Durban. We always ensure that every single garment made by our CMT is of high quality, They understand our standards.
  • The screens for our t-shirts are designed and printed locally.

With every little detail in our business, we try our very best to always ensure we keep things as local as possible.

Thank you for choosing to support local!


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