How and where to recycle old clothing

On average 60% of consumers throw away their clothing in the first year. In 2020 an estimated 18.6 million tones of clothing would have ended up in landfills.

With each second that passes by, a truck worth of textiles is piled into a landfill.

Shocking right?

But there are ways to prevent our clothing from ending up at landfills and creating more of a circular effect. Here are some solutions;

  1. Resell: If you are wanting to make some extra cash from your unwanted clothing items then post them for sale on platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, gumtree. There are also thrift stores that buy clothing from you to resell, I have found 1 site so far that do this. I will add more as I discover more.
  • Swap: This is something that you can organize with friends or look for such events happening around your area. If there aren’t any then maybe this is your chance to start such an initiative?
  • Repurpose & Upcycle: If there are certain clothing items that are just not salvageable then these can be used as cleaning rags. It’s worth reaching out to workshops in your area such as mechanics as they may be able to make use of these.
  • Donate: There are so many charities that take in used clothing to resell to make money for their charities. If you are donating to charities make sure that the clothing is in a decent condition as they cannot resell and item with holes or stains on it ,you will just be leaving them with your waste they now have to get rid of. I have listed a number of charities in S.A in the link below that you can look at donating to.
  • Compost: If the clothing item is made from natural fibers i.e. Cotton/Hemp (read the label) then you can add it to your compost heap, and it will eventually break down)

with these simple solutions there really is no excuse for our clothes to end up at landfills.Lets be better! 🌿

I hope this has Helped 🙂

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